#  Discuss the really old bugs and patches (i.e anything before 08?) close/accept/reject?
* Old bugs and patches: AlexP will look through patches later
#  GSoC Status
* gsoc status: kugel,bieber, ok. mt, exams?, archivator, unkown
#  NoDo list
* NoDo:
   - DRM: impossible
   - other FS: NoDo, but explain better
   - scandisk: drop the nodo
   - alphabetical list skipping: drop the nodo
   - nonstandard tags: philosophical, drop the nodo, add "no nonstandard tags if the standard tags are there"
   - archos things: -> Archos FAQ
   - configurable menus -> make proposal first, serious discussion (list requirements)
   - configurable keymaps -> make proposal first, serious discussion (list requirements)
   - advanced settings -> stays nodo, might be provided by configurable menus anyway
   - bootloader menu -> no impact for default case (except a few seeks), config file on disk (if not there->current behaviour), no reflashing to reconfigure
#  nay-sayers 
* naysayers: not much
#  Use the rockbox fund to sponsor students outside of gsoc
* paying people: no, because of (a) legal implications of employing people, and (b) limited funds
#  Should people be available on IRC when committing?
* being on irc after committing: yes. For various reasons
#  Do we have a community atmosphere problem, and if so, how can we do better?
* community atmosphere: try to ask people to (a) pause for a bit, (b) move to ML. No fixed rule
#  Work out a transition procedure for the build system for the changeover to gcc 4.4.4 (eabi) for ARM.
* eabi transition: go ahead, platform names are easy
#  The coldfire bootloader situation. Right now we don't have anyone who is active, has the necessary players, and has the tools to unbrick them.
* iriver bootloader: someone will get the tools. AustinAppel, FrankGevaerts, JensArnold and PeterDHoye have both h1xx and h3xx
#  Commit message template for FS tasks: do we have an official standard? is everyone aware of it?
* commit messages: "<description> FS#12387 by <patch author>"
The RockboxSteeringBoard after two years
* RSB:
   - *not* proactive, last resort
   - mail alias that goes to all RSB members
   - anyone can email, but committers are less likely to be ignored
   - invoking is confidential
   - RSB decides which information to publish and who to inform

* AOB 
   - discussions and consensuses should be documented on the wiki
   - information should be on the wiki, not in the forums or ML. Pay attention to New Ports threads
   - lock AMS thread. Most of the targets are good enough for standard support
   - unsuppported builds: Torne will warn/close some ipod threads. Standard inactivity timeout 4 months, one release cycle
   - tracker cleanup weekends. Announce to users, so they can come to IRC and we look immediately.
   - Try to involve users in wiki and tracker maintenance