So, I decided to create a tutorial on how to set up an I2P tunnel for Linette/0x2a/IRCx since the other tutorial that was created was lost, and the destination has changed since then.

So before we begin, you're going to have to make sure you have I2P installed. You can get the latest version of I2P off the offical website located at

Here are more direct downloads if you're lazy:
Windows -
Linux JAR -
Mac -

If you're going to use the JAR, execute the following command within the same directory to launch the install:
java -jar i2pinstall_0.9.8.1.jar -console

After you've sucessfully installed I2P, you're going to want to go to within you're browser and change the KBps In and KBps Out according to your Internet speeds. The share can stay at 80%, but we recommend the other two fields be changed.

The following values are recommend:
150 KBps In
100 KBps Out
80% Share (more would be greatly appreciated)

Then hit "Save changes"

Next, go to and scroll all the way down until you see a select-box with text besides it that says "New client tunnel" and a button that says "Create". Select IRC from the select-box and hit the "Create" button.

Where it says "Name:(N)", enter Linette
Where it says "Access Point: Port:", enter 6667
Where it says "Tunnel Destination(T):", enter xoELJ8dccgEav6odm2b27hZ~5jZuh4UuifGGOAkSQkTZrBcBVPoUEyBu7enItFgw7sSaiPIKfZkUafJUbeXvkUKJVs7YX-wfs7qX~68524iCyEBKev53LrzsWqaz9kBPF3JFYC5MHGgS0qM3KT8oBb6Wr1Nqyfbe25ZEPj7QWpuqq0zRdZYHnVqW6urv2r7hWTs2L9gwRMNxS~8zaBkm6eMPqBFpuCDa6V9zPHybTJHa1TLNGfKoN4w79CSFI5U~NMW8ac6koLzyMi8qvcc~UPTXIQ10ukJK0ZBEBanxsDiFd4CX3MlXiyj61lHAemekPzFlZGLzC7wMgFIKH3QQ~VQ~I9Ttl7foLLnPdLiYsfW12oXqdRRKDpLLHshnp0gXoCvjxnGznaojvKN~f6oeHr71Zw5OkP~1EvYzKgx-nawkaYdib1QWDb26clzugmmtEg1FpAqOxSkG7Rpk6F6K3FDY-d~1fyJy9e6b8efGJDV03tTdQpCoNAYN5nGQk2vXAAAA

Check the "Auto Start(A):" tick-box

Where it says "Count(C):", select 3 inbound, 3 outbound tunnels
Where it says "Backup Count(B):", select 3 backup tunnels
Where it says "Profile(f):", select interactive connection

Check the "Delay Connect(y):" tick-box
Check the "Reduce tunnel quantity when idle(d):" tick-box
Check the "Close tunnels when idle(C):" tick-box

Where it says "New Keys on Reopen:", select the "Enable" option

Check the "Delay tunnel open until required(D):" tick-box

Then hit the "Save(S)" button, and you're done setting up the tunnel.

Now that you're done with all of that, go into your IRC client and set the Linette IRC address to connect to

The following is NOT required, but it'll help enhance your experience with I2P

2. Check the tick-box where it says "Auto start"
3. Where it says, "Inbound Settings", select 5 tunnels
4. Where it says, "Outbound Settings", select 5 tunnels
5. Click "Save configuration"
6. Go to
7. Where it says "From URL", enter magnet:?xt=urn:btih:5b87fc29f8722d3b55d23e89a8a760df6936b590 then click the "Add torrent" button
8. Where it says "From URL", enter magnet:?xt=urn:btih:82ad8dec7646d63fbea8309610f4bf60a910db27 then click the "Add torrent" button

A little text-box will appear saying "Fetching" with what you pasted into the box.

To disable your browser from starting up when I2P does, follow these steps:
1. Go to
2. Un-check where it says "Open Router Console in web browser at startup"
3. Hit "Save client configuration"

Congratulations! You've successfully managed to set up I2P!