# simple pickpocket skill
name: Pickpocket
description: Tries to steal items and gold from enemy.

type: Generic
cooldown: 3

# the Trigger has an array of Actions
- Steal:
chance: [ 25%, 45% ]
steals: random_item

# 10 second buff that will steal 25% of enemy health on attack,
# but reduces your mana by 8% of total every second
name: Necro Shield
description: Sap enemy health and defense at the cost of your own mana.

type: Spell
cooldown: 2
mana: 5
duration: 10

vfx: darken_screen
animation: bone_shield

- Effect:
target: Self
manaPerSecond: -8%
duration: parent # use the spell's entire duration

- Steal:
steals: health
amount: 25%