Long Live Syria

We at the Syrian Electronic Army management regret to inform all members and staff that the Syrian Electronic Army's website is no longer functional. This happened due to reasons beyond our control and due to the weak will of some administrators of the Syrian Computer Society (SCS).

We are extremely surprised at the current SCS' decision to stop hosting our official website and furthermore, to refuse to host it ever again.

They had some unconvinicing reasons to do this which follow:

[Email, automatic translation]

"Distinguished Gentlemen administer the site:

After the greeting,

The internet service provider in the Syrian Scientific Society for Informatics as one of the projects Assembly, which aims to support and develop the IT sector, Syrian Arab Republic, on the basis of the principles and objectives of the association to support all national capacities and support and secure the chances of success her, we were and still enthusiasts and supporters for you and your role effectively.

But, as you know, in recent times specifically on 04/10/2013 we were the decision unjust right as the right home goal to stop all ranges reserved for our way and that in turn led to stop the service so far, a large number of subscribers (individuals, companies, and even government sites and news) , and in turn has also led to business owners affected sites and parked domains provider, which has caused serious material damage to their interests.

We are here as express our apologies to our subscribers valued in the short measure taken right, from starters to maintain the rights of the participants that we are trying to retrieve all the available ways and means of legal and business.

We also Whereas previously we thank you very Batmarna for securing the necessary requirements and to ensure the non-recurrence of what happened in the future

Wishing you more success. "

The SCS had been used by the western and Arab media as evidence of a link between the SEA and the Syrian government. Its refusal to host the SEA's website proves that these alleged links, and any assertion built on them, have no basis.

According to the email, the achievements of the SEA are a fight to uphold the name of the Syrian nation and deliver the righteous voice of the people, yet this somehow become a heavy national burden and a burden to the SCS administration in particular.

Due this sad development, we announce that our website will be offline while we find another hosting company that agrees to host our website that our enemies tried to attack for so long using treason or other means.

We are fighting the west and the Arabs and being fought by haters and the enemy within our beloved Syrian Arab Republic, but we are steadfast and we never stop fighting for our cause, because the fight for our homeland is a matter of honour and dignity.

Syrian Electronic Army
Nation, Honour, Loyalty