<TizzyT> FUCK so dinrk
<TizzyT> drunk*
<TizzyT> Thanks everyone for vbeing with me for this loemna
<TizzyT> long*&
<TizzyT> lol
<eussNL_> tehn dirnk smoe mroe
<TizzyT> i cant im home now
<TizzyT> partsis if dover
<TizzyT> LOL im ineed to put my sflasses von
<TizzyT> oh man, ive been benn do sober from part before in my po9fge
<TizzyT> lol
<Adamsville> what were drinking?
<Adamsville> were u*
<Adamsville> type slowly
* zecoxao gives 5 points to Adamsville :D
<Adamsville> he probably passed out on his computer now lol
<TizzyT> fuyck
<TizzyT> i cant contune y my brhta day threard
<Adamsville> what u had to drink Tizzy?
<TizzyT> i wasa makng a howt out for everyone i like
<TizzyT> henny and cirockl and cap morgan
<Adamsville> mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
<Adamsville> my nigga
<zecoxao> what?
<zecoxao> lol
<Adamsville> didnt think u had it in u
<TizzyT> lol
<zecoxao> i don't understand him :D
<zecoxao> TizzyT, u rly drunk man :D
<Adamsville> u dont mix brown and white tho bro
<TizzyT> fuck
<TizzyT> i eamwant ot make may thread
<zecoxao> XD
<eussNL_> only in the bed, mix brown and white
<zecoxao> chew some bubble gum TizzyT :)
<Adamsville> ^
<Adamsville> and drink some water
<zecoxao> yup :)
<Adamsville> and lay ya sloppy ass down
<TizzyT> lkol i am smileing so hard wigh tnoe
<zecoxao> this is one of the reasons i don't drink xD
<TizzyT> H Mnw u qA FONNA wm nmwrion touy to xasoxao
<TizzyT> too bad im tin fuck wor wtitgre m,y thread
<zecoxao> TizzyT, lay down :/
<zecoxao> i'm serious now
<TizzyT> ohhh man im odospo whappyu
<TizzyT> i dfeeel goof
<zecoxao> you'll have problems later
<TizzyT> mnow i wont
<TizzyT> im good
<zecoxao> we'll see :)
<TizzyT> lol.
<TizzyT> just ejepp ,e comaney
<TizzyT> :L)
<Adamsville> agreed
<eussNL_> exacty
<Adamsville> just ejepp ,e comaney
<Adamsville> never heard wiser words
<TizzyT> lol
<TizzyT> pw,amn
<TizzyT> oh m,an
<eussNL_> in fact, I am going to wiki them
<TizzyT> *
<Adamsville> lol
<Adamsville> bout to hit the bed myself
<TizzyT> fixckk i mwean to make my tgherard
<Adamsville> take it easy Tizzy
<TizzyT> somone make it for me, enven thygh iths not ehat impirtanbt
<zecoxao> poor TizzyT :(
<eussNL_> you have backlog on in your IRC client?
* Adamsville draws veiny dicks on Tizzy's face and runs
<zecoxao> be fine soon :)
<TizzyT> kik
<TizzyT> '
<TizzyT> tah
<TizzyT> u did it
<TizzyT> i*
<TizzyT> made a new therea
<TizzyT> atleast i wont be ahving a hanedg ovwr tomorrow
<eussNL_> wake up tomorrow with titties
<TizzyT> kik ive alraey got some
<TizzyT> ims rety overwirhte
<zecoxao> TizzyT, GO TO SLEEP
<zecoxao> NOW
<zecoxao> :/
<TizzyT> no
<TizzyT> i need comaoppny
<zecoxao> you'll have problems
<zecoxao> or an accident
<TizzyT> NO
<TizzyT> im at hoem what van ahpaeen
<zecoxao> then i don't blame myself for that
<zecoxao> many things can happen
<TizzyT> mno
<zecoxao> suit yourself ;)
<TizzyT> i just aWNTAAA TALK
<TizzyT> ops caps
<eussNL_> please talk
<eussNL_> we will listen
<TizzyT> well there is this one frl then her name is cindy
<eussNL_> yes
<TizzyT> shes whern i ewnn lookingat
<TizzyT> iuno
<TizzyT> i wfffl wird
<zecoxao> just talk to her
<TizzyT> i ddi
<zecoxao> what did she say?
<TizzyT> be she did wnot want oshot wqit me
<zecoxao> then what can you do?
<TizzyT> i maedw
<TizzyT> her
<TizzyT> weplay a fame
<TizzyT> called taxu
<TizzyT> tauc
<TizzyT> taxi*
<TizzyT> uts a card aame
<zecoxao> :)
<TizzyT> matchs and i het to pcuj who drnks
<TizzyT> and i picked uer
<TizzyT> her&*
<eussNL_> nice
<TizzyT> oh man im shagiuun tirgh now
<TizzyT> klillol
<TizzyT> fuck
<TizzyT> i catn tyope
<TizzyT> lol
<eussNL_> bet you dream of Cindy tonight
<TizzyT> LOL no i rarel;y etget freadms
<TizzyT> get fdreams
<TizzyT> but i dot mune if i do
<zecoxao> i may be sounding stupid but why are you drunk? is it because of Cindy? :)
<TizzyT> man i forget the sjptout
<TizzyT> EUSS
<TizzyT> GREG
<TizzyT> opps caps
<TizzyT> adasms
<TizzyT> vierp
<TizzyT> kamle
<TizzyT> ccalmel
<TizzyT> kamel*
<TizzyT> ,M
<zecoxao> you like us all :)
<TizzyT> man*
<TizzyT> i love you guys
<zecoxao> yes :)
<TizzyT> first scen i ever was in
<TizzyT> and i love it
<TizzyT> ilearn so much
<zecoxao> we're all your friends man :)
<eussNL_> you always remember your first time <3
<TizzyT> oh man i love you man esus
<TizzyT> euss
<TizzyT> you are like my herop
<TizzyT> hero
<TizzyT> i want to be like you so mych
<zecoxao> eussNL, true :)
<zecoxao> eussNL, is just like us all
<zecoxao> but he likes to learn
<zecoxao> knowledge is good for us :)
<eussNL_> yeah, be the best of you and enjoy it
<TizzyT> o ;ole tp learn too but he likes more wide then me
<zecoxao> not in excess though :)
<TizzyT> i only like tech he likes everyhting
<TizzyT> he knkow everyhting
<TizzyT> i want that
<TizzyT> so bad
<TizzyT> i can wait for the day i wil get there
<TizzyT> it wil be beatidy
<TizzyT> ful*
<eussNL_> take your time :)
<TizzyT> iuno i hik i wil not make iut
<TizzyT> to where i want
<TizzyT> but anyawehre is fine
<eussNL_> whine needs age for riping
<TizzyT> i just want a better woerkld
<TizzyT> knowlegfe is do great
<TizzyT> but i sucj at learning
<doobz> the more you practice the better you get
<TizzyT> i like that sayibg
<TizzyT> ;p; wr;; gppf night everyone
<Cyrics> wtf
<TizzyT> i think i need to sept now
<eussNL_> good night TizzyT - sleep well
<TizzyT> miohyt huss
* TizzyT left (Quit: Leaving)