Tutorial: How to pass on an AceStream stream to an external device

First things first: How does it work?
Whenever you click on an AceStream link, the AceStream server wakes up and a notification icon appears in your taskbar. The stream downloads to your computer and the AceStream player (VLC mod) or browser plugin starts playing the stream if it has enough buffer. Unfortunatelly the format of the stream that is offered to the player isn't a http stream like in many other programs e.g. Sopcast and StreamTorrent. The next step is to create an http stream.

Create an http stream:
This can only be done by using the full AceStream player, not the browser plugin. Unlike streaming from any other source like an AVI file or webcam, you can't setup an http stream directly from the AceStream player interface, but there is a workaround which is very easy.

1) start up the TS Player / AceStream player and go to Options > Preferences
--> Show all options (bottom left of the popup screen)
--->select streamoutput
--> enter this code in the Default Stream Output Chain field

(This code will create a http stream for every video that is played with the AceStream player. In this example, the AS player will "forward" the video to http://localhost:8902/tv.asf which is the same as the default Sopcast stream. This can be customized to suit your needs and can even include transcoding options.)

Play the stream with your favorite device and enjoy!