17:30   headius >> man, what the hell is wrong with you brixen? you want me to start tweeting shit 
                   about rbx?
17:30   headius >> that's really uncalled for
17:30   brixen >> have a civil discussion without name-calling then
17:30   headius >> hey, if it's on channel it's on channel, don't be a fucking child about it
17:30   brixen >> and you may not get your way
17:31   jredville >> brixen: i think it should be an option to --unguarded that specifies only 
                     certain guards to stop
17:31   brixen >> you are being immature and disrespectfull
17:31   brixen >> I am sick of it
17:31   brixen >> jredville: sure, it could
17:32   headius >> I gave up trying to argue this point long ago...shri brought it up again, and I 
                   made my points again because it was relevant again
17:32   brixen >> headius: you can dispute any point I make and you can do it in public
17:32   brixen >> and you can argue respectfully without name calling
17:32   headius >> and what name-calling are you referring to?
17:33   brixen >> fucking child?
17:33   brixen >> this channel is logged mind you
17:33   headius >> you tweeted that JRuby ships you known bugs
17:33   headius >> yeah, I'm glad it is
17:33   brixen >> anyone can read it and form their own opinion
17:34   headius >> that would piss anyone off
17:34   headius >> and it sure as shit pisses me off
17:35   brixen >> so, you want to argue in channel for an option that you don't want to defend to 
                  your users?
17:35 ::: macournoyer [[email protected]] has joined #rubyspec
17:35   headius >> you are way overstepping your bounds trying to spread rumors about jruby on 
                   twitter simply because we have a differing opinion on how to handle stdlib bugs
17:35   brixen >> sounds like a problem to me
17:35   headius >> fuck off
17:35 ::: headius [[email protected]] has left #rubyspec []
17:35 ::: Topic for #rubyspec: Tags added for Ruby 1.9 | Please read: 
          http://rubyspec.org/wiki/rubyspec/Guards | Chat logs: 
17:35 ::: Topic set by brixen [[email protected]] [Tue Feb 10 10:30:52 2009]
17:35   jredville >> brixen: why did you call shri out on it?
17:36   brixen >> because I was getting the same attitude and I'm really sick of the lack of 
                  respect in here
17:36   brixen >> I will retract that if I have misunderstood
17:36   qbproger >> the issue isn't that JRuby or IronRuby ships with bugs, it's that you don't 
                    notify users of MRI's bugs
17:37   qbproger >> so if you run rubyspec and it runs clean... no bugs right?
17:37   jredville >> I don't know what we will ship when we go 1.0. I don't think it's fair to say 
                     we *will* be including bugs
17:37   jredville >> qbproger: no, if their are tags, their are bugs, they were chosen to be fixed 
                     at a later date
17:37   brixen >> jredville: fair enough, I'll note that in the post