m not sure I am understanding this correctly so please clarify:

Did you in fact ban him for having a signature that was not (as you put it) "a little more positive"...???

Because if that is in fact true, then you will probably lose ALL developers and thus ALL the projects that have attracted most of the membership.
Actively creative people are not the kind to simply accept censorship in any form, so most of them will react very strongly against such tendencies.

It is clear to me that you overemphasize the value of 'news' as being the main feature of your site, though that never was the main psx-scene feature.
What made it unique was the spirit of cooperative development, which has spawned one unique project after another on this site.
And if you lose that, by inappropriate use of the banhammer for censorship, then it is all over... With its unique spirit gone the site will die.
(At least its uniqueness will, even if some form of the site lives on as an empty shell.)

You guys have said many times that you want to preserve the unique qualities of psx-scene, or even improve on them.
But either one is definitely impossible to achieve by kicking out active developers...

Simply locking a thread to put an end to counter-arguments is not a good idea, especially not in this subforum, where every reader is a moderator.

Best regards: dlanor 


    He was not banned because his signature wasnt positive. Write whatever you want in your sig just dont say that 'this site is shit'...especially after we implemented suggestions that he specifically requested. I personally spoke with him and told him we were working through a massive list of updates and suggestions from mods and members but he felt it necessary to leave that sig even after he was shown that we were working with him and not against him.