Greenpois0n FAQ

Q.Does GreenPois0n Unlock an iPhone ?
A.No it doesn't.

Q.which devices does it support ?
A.It supports iPad (all versions), iPod Touch 3G , iPod Touch 4G, iPhone 3GS (Old&New Bootrom) and iPhone 4.
Will support iPod Touch 2G MC soon.

Q.Can I jailbreak without a Computer/MAC ?
A.No you can't. Because the bootrom exploit used cannot be applied from userland.

Q.In which Operating Systems can I run Greenpois0n ?
A.In windows and linux for the moment. MAC Version will be released soon.

Q. How many exploits does Greenpois0n use ?
A. It uses 2 exploits. A bootrom exploit to gain root privileges and then a userland exploit to patch the kernel.

Q.I am on 4.2 betas.. why can't I use Greenpois0n ? 
A.For the moment greenpois0n doesn't support beta versions.

Q. Which iOS versions does Greenpois0n support ?
A. For now it only supports 4.1

Q. I can't activate my locked iPhone because I do not have the operator SIM or a PhoneBook SIM. How can I jailbreak ?
A. Greenpois0n hack-tivates your iPhone. Which means it will activate it without the original SIM or a PhoneBook SIM.

Q. I am having problems with greenpois0n, can I contact the devs to help me ?
A. Yes. You can download an IRC Client and login on server in channel #Greenpois0n (Ask before your PM).

Q. Who developed and helped on greenpois0n ?
A. Posixninja, pod2g, comex, AriX, DHowett, chpwn, chronic, Jaywalker, OPK, semaphore, westbaer, etc.

Q. Is greenpois0n stable or should I trust Limera1n?
A. limera1n tool is unstable because it was made in 1 day. Greenpois0n is tested before release and its much more stable than limera1n.

Q. I jailbroke with RC3 or a lower version. If another version is released how can I install it ?
A. You must restore your device via iTunes (clean install .. "Set Up as New") and then apply the jailbreak again.
This way you are 100% sure the new version will be installed to your device. 

Q. Why do I have to do a clean restore in order to apply a new version ?
A. Because its safer. An unstable old version might not be fully replaced by the new one and you might experience problems.

Q. Do I need to plug in my iPhone to my computer in order for it to boot ?
A. No. At least in 4.1 the jailbreak is UNTETHERED which means you don't need a PC to boot your device.
In next versions the exploit will be patched and it will be TETHERED, so you will need a PC to boot it.

Q. How do I donate to the devs ? Is it neccesary ?
A. It is not neccesary to donate. By donating you show your appreciation to the devs. You can donate by vising Greenpois0n site and clicking on the "Donate" button.

Q. I am on a locked 3GS and I want to unlock it. Can I update to 4.1 , jailbreak and then unlock ?
A. NO. You must wait for an unlock before updating to 4.1. You can't preserve your baseband on a 3GS yet.

Q. I am on an iPhone 4 (4.0.1 or 4.0.2) and I want to jailbreak and unlock it. How can I do this ?
A. If you want to jailbreak with Greenpois0n you must update to 4.1. But you MUST use TinyUmbrella to preserve your Baseband before updating.
See guide here .

Q. Can I ask something more ?
A. NO please don't.. Its 8:05 and I have to finish my Homework till 10:00PM.. (just kidding of course)

FAQ by omokas (@omokas)