Using the Pastie Bot

The pastie bot can be found on freenode in #rubyonrails or #ruby-lang. Obtaining a paste URL is easy.

  • send a public message to pastie (e.g. "pastie: hi!")
  • pastie will send you a private message with a link
  • click the link and paste your code
  • pastie will notify everyone in the original channel of your paste


Pastie now supports a wide selection of fonts, although some will only appear if you actually have them installed on your computer. If a font is detected then it will be listed in the font dropdown.

The full supported list:

Think a really good font is missing? Let us know at @pastieorg.

Use your own completely unique font

If you're an uber-geek fire up your browsers JavaScript console and try the following code. Refresh. Your font should now appear in the font dropdown and you can now use it as your default viewing font.

  Pastie.settings.set("customfont", "Marker Felt")

Advanced Pasting


You can divide your paste into different sections by separating them with ## lines as shown below.

## controller.rb
controller code here

## model.rb
model code here

When pastie sees this he'll turn each of your ## lines into separate headings and each section will have it's own line numbering.

Creating just one section can effectively title your paste.

Syntax highlighting sections differently

You can specify a different language for each section by using it's short name.

## readme.txt [plain_text]
Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away...

## fixes.diff [diff]
bug fixes go here

Currently supported languages (and short names):

  • Objective-C/C++ objective-c++
  • ActionScript actionscript
  • Ruby ruby
  • Ruby on Rails ruby_on_rails
  • Diff diff
  • Plain text plain_text
  • C/C++ c++
  • CSS css
  • Java java
  • Javascript javascript
  • HTML / XML html
  • HTML (ERB / Rails) html_rails
  • Bash (shell) shell-unix-generic
  • SQL sql
  • PHP php
  • Python python
  • Pascal pascal
  • Perl perl
  • YAML yaml
  • C# csharp
  • Go go
  • Apache (config) apache
  • Lua lua
  • Io io
  • Lisp (common) lisp
  • D d
  • Erlang erlang
  • Fortran fortran
  • Haskell haskell
  • Literate Haskell literate_haskell
  • Makefile makefile
  • Scala scala
  • Scheme scheme
  • Smarty smarty
  • INI ini
  • Nu nu
  • TeX tex
  • Clojure clojure
  • Puppet puppet
  • CoffeeScript coffee_script

Requesting a pastie from someone else

Pastie listens for things like the following in channel:

  • unfo-: could you pastie me that?
  • technoweenie: could you pastie that to me right away?
  • court3nay: could you pastie us an example?

They key is address someone (eg: “Dreamer3:”) and mention “pastie me|us|that”. The person you address will receive a private message telling them you'd like them to paste something.

Example: “Dreamer3 is requesting a paste from you. Click the link and paste away:”

When they complete their paste the channel is notified, as usual.