The Persavage Trick
                                                             Chapter 1

“It has been officially announced from the white house that president Geoff Ramsey will be getting generals to deploy troops to China, to assist the Chinese in the battle against Russia, who launched their attack March  27th, six days ago. Kalkara Pretekov, the russian Tsar said that they are fighting over control of the chinese oil streams. He threatened with nuclear warheads over a week ago and continues to post the threat, but hopefully, it won’t come to that. More on this story at seven during the nightly update. This has been Angelica Jones for AMC signing out.”
“Tyson, come in here for a minute!” I hear my mom yell from the living room on the other side of the house.
“Coming!” I yell back, and hurry to the room to see what my mom wants.
As I entered the room I saw an almost worried look on my moms face. Looking over to the TV, I got a glimpse of the tsar of Russia’s face on the screen, but it quickly cut away to a picture of some sort of chinese town, that looked like it got affected by the war. 
“What is it?” I asked, concerned. My mom is a strong women, who doesn’t easily get worried or scared. But by the look on her face, I can tell something is up.
“Look, I know this may be a little extreme, but I’m keeping you and your brothers in the house until we get news that this war is over. It said on the news channel that Russia may be activating some nuclear warheads. And seeing as America has joined the war to help China, I just don’t want you to be outside in case something does happen.”
“Mom, that’s a bit extreme, don’t you think? Like, I get that you’re trying to keep me safe, but making me stay inside until this war is over? It could take months for it to end!” I say to my mom, ending up almost yelling as I get more and more frustrated.
“Look Tyson, I don’t need you yelling at me, this is a serious decision to try and keep you from getting hurt!” Now we’re both yelling. It sounds like she’s about to say something, but I cut her off.
“I don’t care! I’m not going to be trapped in this house for months like an animal!” I spit out, the words coming out like poison. I turn around and prepare to leave the room, but before I can shut the door behind me, I hear the frantic voice of the news reporting coming back on the TV.
“This just in! Less than 10 minutes ago, a warhead missile hit in Las Vegas, Nevada. Before we could get on the air, yet another missile struck in Washington, D.C. It appears that the united states is under attack. Please, stay inside, lock your doors, stay away from windows or anything that could smash and damage you.   If you have a basement or cellar, please go down immediately.” The lady on the news said. She was about to start another sentence, but before I got any clue as to what is said, the screen turned to static.
“Tyson, get Ray and Gavin down into the basement, I’ll start grabbing food and water.” My mom spoke, with a shaky voice and fear in her eyes. “Go, now!” And with that I rushed up the stairs to get Gavin and Ray

Chapter 2 

As I rushed up the stairs to get my brothers, I heard cans and bottles falling, and a curse from my mother. I ran into Rays room, and saw him laying in bed, with music bursting through his headphones. I threw the headphones off of his head and said urgently “Ray! I need you to get up now! There have been missiles hitting all the major cities in America! So far Washington and Las Vegas have been hit, and mom thinks we might be next!” That was enough to get him to jump out of bed and turn off his music.
	“No way Tyson, stop messing around and get out of my room. I’m not falling for another one of your stupid jokes.” He said, clearly not believing me.
	“Don’t believe me? Go bring your laptop down to the basement, and see for yourself. I have to get Gavin.” I quickly spoke, trying to hurry him so I can go to Gavins room. 
	“Fine, I’ll happily prove you wrong. It’s probably the news place just playing a prank, it is April fools after all.” He said, a hint of cockiness in his voice.
“Ok, I don’t care what you do, just go! Now!” I almost yelled at him. And with that, I practically sprinted over to Gavin’s room.
“Gavin! Gavin! get up! We have to get into the basement now!” I then realized that he was under his covers, fast asleep. 
“Gavin!” I yelled, so loud it almost hurt my own ears.
“Ahh! Uh, what?” He mumbled, confused as to why he was woken up.
“Look, I know you’re not going to believe me, but so far, two major cities in America have been bombed, and since New York is pretty major, we think that it might be next.” I said, speaking loudly to help wake him up.
“What do you think this could be? Terrorists?” He said, realizing that I was telling the truth. 
“We’re not sure, all we know is that it’s happening.”  I spoke with urgency. 
“Ok, Ok, I’m coming, just let me get dressed.” He said. As I was turning to leave the room and help bring supplies to the basement,I felt a vibration so strong it almost took me to my knees. I didn’t even have to guess what it was. 
“No time.” I said.

Chapter 3 

I ran as fast as I could to get down the stairs and to the basement, but with the noise of breaking building and cracking earth, it was more of a stumble than anything else. as I was getting down the stairs, I noticed that out the window, there was fire, smoke and rubble everywhere. I was actually surprised that my house had managed to stay standing. Gavin was only a few feet behind me, still groggy after just waking up. I was in the living room now, the staircase to the basement was only two rooms away. By the time I got into the room next to the staircase, the calls were cracking and crumbling, like a piece of paper getting rolled into a ball. I practically leaped onto the staircase, and fell down the stairs to the basement. Ray grabbed me and pulled me in, then did the same with Gavin. He shut and locked the big door, and we made our way into the center of the room, and got ready for the worst. Since there were no windows, it was impossible to tell what was happening, all you could do was stay still and hope for the best. After a few minutes I heard a noise that could have only been my own house caving in, creating nothing more than a pile of rubble. I was actually surprised that I wasn’t crying, I wasn’t even scared. Despite everything that was happening, the end of my normal life, and I had no fear.

Chapter 4

After what felt like hours, the noises stopped. It was practically silent in our room, the only thing that kept us alive. “Is everyone ok?” my mom asked, sounding strangely secure. 
“I’m ok, but I don’t know about everything else up there.” I said, trying to make some light in this horribly dark situation. 
“I’m ok, to” both of my brothers said, hardly able to actually believe it. 
“Ok, let’s go upstairs and check the damage” my mom said. We followed her out the door and our first sign of damage was the fact that there were no stairs. What was left was just pieces of the wood, stone and carpet that made up the stairs, left in a jumbled mess. After making our way up both flights, we were left with what would've been a kitchen. all around us was remnants of a life that I would now have to leave behind. Just five hours ago, I  was at school learning about something that the teachers would say I would use in the real world. Well, maybe in the old real world, but I definitely would need to know how to calculate the volume of a sphere anymore.  
“Well, looks like whoever it was really didn’t want anyone to be alive.” Gavin said, stating the obvious. 
“Ok, looks like we live in that basement now.” My mother stated. The air up here was thick with smoke from the fire and whatever made the fire. It was hard to see anything around because of the smoke, and it got to a point where it was stinging my eyes and throat, and I had to go back inside. When I was in there, Ray and I assessed what supplies we had.
“Two mattresses, about a weeks worth of food and water, a flashlight, and whatever else is usually down here." He said, scanning the room to make sure he didn't miss anything.
"I'm going to get Gavin and mom." I quietly spoke  not wanting to disturb Ray. After all, if what he said was wrong, we wouldn't know until we almost ran out of supplies, so he had to get it right. I opened the door to get my brother and mother,  but all I saw was thick fog. I knew that they would get lost or hurt in the smoke, so I decided I would have to go find them.
 After no more than a minute, the smoke was already so bad that it was almost impossible to breath, and you couldn't see anymore than a foot in front of you.however, my hearing still worked fine, so when I heard Gavin call out,  I started to follow the voice. I tried to call back to him, but when I opened my mouth, smoke immediately found its way into my throat, burning and not allowing air. I  kept walking in the direction that I heard Gavin's cry, but I soon had to crawl, trying to get under the smoke so my senses could work again. I kept going, determined to find them, and after what could've been minutes or hours the smoke started to clear up, allowing me to get back to my feet. As soon as I was up, I vomited whatever was inside of me, and stumbled sideways. I tried to get my composure, but ended up tripping over something. The  last thing I saw before my skull hit the tree was a group of people carrying cans of something.

Chapter 5

When I Finally woke up  the first thing I felt was a
splintering pain in my head. I layed in the dirt until it faded, then I opened my eyes. On one side of me was the ruins of Persavage, New York. On the other side was the winding woods, the campsite and forest beside the town. Most of the trees were burnt down or had toppled over. I checked myself for any injuries, and that’s when I felt the dried blood on the back of my head. I didn’t know how long it had been, but I needed help. “Is anyone out there?” I  shouted out, but to no avail. “Well, looks like I’m in this alone.” I murmured to myself. And with that, I started walking back into town to look for supplies. I started in the first pile of rubble I saw. After hunting in it for about ten minutes and finding nothing, I moved onto the next pile, where I quickly realized that I had no idea where I was. In the next pile I found a bottle of water that had somehow not been punctured. After a while of searching, I had managed a small amount of supplies, including two water bottles, a can of beans, a moderately soft blanket, a flashlight without batteries, and a single match. There was a backpack I found that I would use to carry it all. “Ughhh.” Someone, somewhere said. This is when I realized just how much damage had been done. Hundreds, if not thousands of people dead or injured, and I was lucky enough to survive. But the worst of all was that I had no idea if my family was alive. I hung my head, but that’s when I noticed that the fog seemed to be returning, somehow appearing through the ground. It was happening everywhere around me, and I thought that I would be left to die, blinded by it. That’s when I noticed it wasn’t happening in the forest. “Well, looks like I know where I’m going.” I silently thought to myself. And with that, I walked into the forest.

Chapter 6

As I pushed past the thick branches, I began to notice that there were more animals than usual. “Why would they come to a place as bad as this?” I said quietly, talking to myself. I saw a black and red bird fly off a tree and back behind me. I watched it fly, right into the wall of fog and smoke that stood tall at the edge of the woods. I never saw it come back out. While walking, looking for a place to set up a camp. The leaves were starting to change colour rapidly, changing from colour to colour every few minutes. They were red at the time, but would soon turn orange. As I walked into a clearing that would make a good campsite, a half circle made of trees, with a lake not to far away.  “Perfect.” I murmured to myself, and got to work to make it livable.
 After working for hours on a campfire and small sleeping space, leaning on a tree for support, with leaves on the bottom to work as a mattress. I put mud and leaves on top, to work as camouflage, and dug a small hole to rest my supplies in. When night came, I used one of my precious matches to light the fire. Lighting a stick with the fire to use as a torch, I went over to the lake to refill the water bottles. When I bent down,  I saw my reflection in the water. I scooped some water in my hand and used it to wash the mud off of my face. I had a sudden urge, but thought against it, thinking it would make too much noise. “Whatever, might as well.” I said aloud. I stood up, and dived into the water.
 After all the tragedy, it felt good to unwind, and feel free. But while I was swimming around,  I heard rustling. “Just a racoon.” I said, but I didn’t trust my instincts, and rushed out of the water to get back to my camp. By the time I got there, I was too late. Everything I worked at, all of my supplies. But it didn’t matter, because everything was gone. 

Chapter 7

I was out of hope. With no supplies, how would I ever survive? 
“There’s only one thing you can do, Tyson.” I said to myself. The only chance I had to survive and find my family was to get those supplies back. And that meant going after the people who robbed me. There was three pairs of footprints in the mud, pointing away from the lake. Since there we three, I knew I had no chance of taking them in a fight, so I had to take the stealth route. “Think Tyson, think. How would you sneak into a place with three people who would do anything to stay alive, retrieve your stuff, and get back without getting caught?” I said aloud, making sure I was quiet enough so that if anyone was close by, they wouldn’t hear me planning. “Ok, first, you’ll need to camouflage yourself.” I went over to the riverside, and rubbed some mud and dirt on my body. I took some more and put it in my blonde hair, and added some dry leaves. Not only would it camoflage me from sight, but they also wouldn’t smell me. “Alright, step one is down. Step two, a weapon to use if needed.” I found a long, thick branch and a medium sized rock, and began to file down the tip, to work as a spear. I set another fire and burnt the spearhead a little, to make it stronger and more durable. I smothered the fire, added some more dirt to my hair, and followed the footprints of the people that could potentially kill me. Best not to think about. Just think about getting my revenge. 
While walking, I started to take more notice of the world around me. Something had changed since the missiles hit. Leaves were rapidly changing colour, It would rain for seconds at a time, then stop. Some of the fish he saw while at the lake were swimming incredibly fast, like you would miss them if you blinked. Could those missiles have been nuclear? Surely not, they would have caused a much larger  blast radius. But, there was only one missile…
I saw a small cabin made out of wood. Looking into the window, I looked into the window and saw two shadow-like figures in the window. “There was three sets of footprints in the dirt, so it couldn’t of been them.” But then I  saw the door slowly creak open. I quickly ducked behind a nearby bush, and found a hole that gave me a view. The man was walking alone, and coming right towards me. I crept lower in the bush, hoping he wouldn’t see me. I held my breath as he walked past, and sure enough, he didn’t have a clue I was there. I was about to leave him be, but I remembered that if he walked back towards the cabin, I would be spotted. I didn’t want to do it, but i knew I would have to. I crept towards the man, lunged at him, and held the handle of my spear on his neck.

Chapter 8

The man struggled against my grasp, but I couldn’t let go. It was almost like my hands were glued to the spear. I started to see him slowly stop struggling, losing hope. Right before he looked like he was going to pass out, he suddenly disappeared!It was a sudden flash, then gone. But, my spear was still pushing against something. It was like he was invisible. It couldn’t be. Could it? He felt something fall against his wrist. The man reappeared, clearly dead. He fell down to the ground, but before he landed, he stopped in mid air. With the same flash of light I saw when he turned invisible, his body turned into solid rock, and hit the ground with a loud thud. “WHAT WAS THAT?” I heard being yelled from the house. 
“What, did you pick up something?” I heard another voice say. Now they were coming out of the house. I tried to get cover, but I was too late. One of the men came running at me, I tried to turn away, but he was too fast. He hit me like a freight train. “Gahh!” I screamed, and slammed into a tree, almost breaking it in half. Somehow, I wasn’t dead. My vision was blurry, but I could still sidestep his punch, which broke the tree. I ran towards the cabin, jumped in and quickly shut the door. I had about ten seconds until he came bursting in. His super strength came with the side effect of being slow on his feet. I reached into a drawer, and quickly pulled out the biggest knife in there. Then the man burst through the door, shaking the cabin. He threw a punch, but I dodged under it and quickly slashed at his right thigh. I heard his cry of pain, and felt as he dropped to the ground. He wasn’t dead, but it would surely keep him out of action for a few minutes. I was about to swing around and finish him off, but then I felt the cold steel against the back of my head.
 “You move as much as an inch, and I’ll blow your brains clean out of your head.” He said. “Tell me, what powers do you have?” He yelled, and nuzzled the gun deeper into my hair. “None.” I said. I didn’t have a clue whether or  not I did, but I hadn’t seen any signs of one yet. “Quit lying, I will kill you, don’t think I’m bluffing.” He shouted, but I could tell by his voice that he didn’t believe it. “Right back at ya.” I said. 
        Using my free hand, I quickly pushed his forearm up, which pushed  the gun slightly above my head. I swung my knife at his chest, but He sidestepped, and I only caught his left shoulder. I tried to get around to his back, but he saw it coming. He spun to face me, punched me in the temple, and reached out to retrieve his gun. I jumped back up, but all that did was expose more of my body. I reached out for a kick, trying to yet again make him drop the gun, but he was to fast, and ducked it. That’s when I felt a pang in the side of my leg. I dropped to the ground and immediately saw the blood leaking out, pouring onto the tile floor. Strangely, my leg stopped hurting almost as soon as it began. The man dropped onto me, pinning me down to the ground. Luckily, only one of my hands was pinned down, and with the other I threw a jab at his neck. It was a direct hit, and it made him draw back off of me. That was the mistake that would cost him his life. I rolled over, grabbed the knife and sliced right at his neck. Blood immediately poured out onto the ground, and he, just like the previous man, froze in midair and turned   into solid rock, and hit the ground. I turned over to the man with super strength, and he was almost back to his feet now, so i had to act fast. I ran at him, swung my blade and caught him in the shoulder. He moved at the last second to avoid most of the damage, but I still clipped him. Using the bottom of the handle, I tried to hit him in the side of the head, but he swung first, and hit me with enough force to send me back flying. I hit the wall, and felt a pang in my right arm, the one not holding my knife. I managed to push the pain aside, and got back to my feet. The man ran at me, charging like a bull. I dropped to the floor, and he ran right past me, bursting through the wall. I turned to look at him and he was on his knees, covered dust and drywall. In the seconds that he was on the ground, I got up, jumped onto the ground, and sprinted at him. He tried to hit me with another punch, but I easily avoided it and leaped at him. My blade caught him in the chest and he fell and froze, just like the other two. Trying not to think about what had just happened in the last few minutes, I went back into the cabin to look for my supplies.
Back inside, I was that the man who had the gun’s body was no longer there. In it’s place was a pile of dust. “So, that’s what happens when you die now.” I said to myself. I bent down and picked up the pistol he was holding. “This’ll come in handy.” I thought. The cabin wasn’t very big, so it would be fairly easy to find my bag, as well as whatever these three had. I went into what must of been someones bedroom and opened one of the two cabinets. All that was inside were some clothes and photos. They showed happy people, at resorts in the old world. “What a shame.” I quietly said, and continued to the next cabinet. This time I got luckier. Inside was a full package of batteries, a larger and sharper knife than the one I found in the kitchen, and some bottled water. Feeling please with what I found in there, I left the room, and went back into the kitchen. “There might still be some food left.” I whispered, as I currently had none. I opened the refrigerator and was sit by a wall of stench that made me bend over and retch. Quickly, I managed to look inside and saw moldy meats and cheeses. I shut the door and opened a drawer, where I found a collection of kids cereals. I grabbed a sandwich bag from another cabinet and poured some inside. ‘That’ll do for now.” I murmured. I felt heat on my chest, and looked outside the window to see that the sun was up high, glowing almost orange. Taking a closer look outside, I notice a shed with a lock on it. I left the house and went over to it. After all, anything locked up like that must be important. I walked to the right side of it and, using my knife, broke a window. I climbed in, careful to avoid any shards of glass. When I was inside, I turned on my flashlight and saw my bag hanging on a hook. Beside the hook, however, was a skeleton.

Chapter 9 
I jumped back and let out a quick cry. “Oh.. oh god.” I managed to blurt out. I was paralyzed in place by fear. What were these sick people doing? I took a deep breath. “It doesn’t matter, they’re gone now. Just get out.” I told myself. I reached for my bag, grabbed it, and got out of there. I was only in there for about a minute, but it felt like hours. By the time I had left the cabin and got back to my old campsite, the image of it was still fresh in my memory. I was able to push it to the back of my head for long enough to check my bag. I found everything that was in it before, as well as some batteries, food, and a map! I could find my way back to my home now! I knew where I was in the woods, so it would be easy for me to get back. I decided that before I went back home, I should clean myself up. After carefully hiding my bag under some dirt and branches, I went to the lake. When I got there, I noticed that it had dried up a fair amount. Luckily, it was still about 3 metres deep.I bent over and dunked my hair and face into the cold, blue lake. I pulled my head out and, to my horror, saw that my eyes were no longer a dark brown. Instead, they were a sharp red, like the colour of fire. “What is going on with the world?” I thought. I quickly dismissed the thought and continued to cleanse myself. When I was done, I went back to my campsite, got my bag, and got ready to get back home. I got to the edge of the woods, and took a look at the map. “So, if I’m at the edge, I need to go left down whatever's left of Adams street, then right on Woodlock street. Then all I have to do it turn onto Duke street, follow it a little, and then I’ll be home.” I took a step onto the road, and immediately felt a burning sensation in my legs. I looked down, and noticed that the smoke was still there, and the burning stopped exactly where the smoke did. I pulled up one of my feet to see how much damage the smoke did, and yet, I saw nothing irregular. Just my regular foot inside my regular shoe. How? How had it done no damage to me? How had anything not killed me? I’ve took enough damage to be killed, twenty times over. Well, as long as the smoke didn’t actually do damage to me, I would just have to deal with the pain, and go through. I started to walk through, one step at a time. Eventually, by the time I got to Woodlock street, The smoke didn’t hurt anymore. I turned, and made my way to Duke street. I was ecstatic. I actually managed to survive, and make my way back home! How long had it been? Six days? Seven? It didn’t matter, I was finally home! I made my way through the rubble, walked down the stairs, and opened the door. “Hey guys, I’m back!” I yelled. Weird, no one responded. Maybe they were all asleep. Chances are, they didn’t know that it was still day. I made my way into the single guest bedroom in the basement and there, sure enough was my family. “Hey guys, I’m made it back!” I said, but they didn’t wake up. “Hmm, weird” I whispered, but then I had an idea. I went over to the place where all the water was, poured a bottle into a bucket, and crept back into the room. “One, two, three!” I shouted, and dropped the water on them. Nothing. By now I was starting to get nervous. I lifted up the covers over my mother, and couldn't believe it. There, lay my mother and siblings, cold and dead.  

Chapter 10

“No, no.” I whimpered. “Oh, god no.” How could it be? After everything I went through to make it back to them, none of it mattered. What did matter? Did anything? Without thinking, I grabbed a rope, wrapped one end around a pipe on the ceiling, and another around my neck in a noose. I stood on top of the bed. “None of it mattered.” I said quietly. I took a step forward. The rope strangled around my neck, constricting my throat. “None of it mattered.” I thought. “None of it.” The rope slowly got tighter, but yet, nothing was happening. How could it be? How was I not dead, like everyone else I cared about. Then I realized. Back at the cabin, when the man asked me what my power was, I said I didn’t have any. I saw a man turn invisible, another have super strength, and one have what looked like super hearing. But no, no, it was impossible. I couldn’t be invincible, could I? No, I had to die. Everything I did, the people I killed. I did it to stay alive, but I couldn’t die. I was a murderer. I was a murderer with noone and nothing left. “Please, let me die.” I thought. “Please.”  But I knew, deep inside, that I wouldn’t. That  couldn’t. I knew what my power was, and I knew I didn’t want it. I swung my legs, stood back on the bed, and cut the rope down. I fell to my knees. “None of it mattered.” I whispered. I hung my head and started to cry.