[15:07:21] <slowdow> Hi - I'm now running the official rockbox-ipod6g 0823817-120718. When I plug it in via usb, it doesn't mount. I get a drive letter, but its a 0byte drive.    I'm waiting 'till the HDD in the ipod spins down before I plug in the USB, i've tried restarting the Ipod, changing USB ports, but it just won't mount.
[15:07:49] <slowdow> The Rockbox fallback build in R859 mounts first time every time.
[15:07:52] <slowdow> any ideas?
[15:08:12] <TheSeven> slowdow: host OS?
[15:08:30] <slowdow> Win7
[15:08:52] -*- TheSeven should probably toss that driver into the trashcan some day
[15:09:07] <slowdow> Win7, but i can try it on xp or linux via VM, if you'd like.
[15:09:43] <TheSeven> linux in a VM might help diagnosing what's going on
[15:11:01] <slowdow> also- when i Eject the iPod (safely remove device). And unplug the USB cable, the ipod crashes. (or is stuck on the USB connection logo page at least, controls do not respond) i have to hard reset (select/menu)
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[15:12:12] <TheSeven> aha... I conclude that this probably didn't happen while ejecting it, much rather while connecting it, which explains the 0 byte behavior
[15:12:34] <TheSeven> does the backlight still turn off after a while and wake up if you touch the wheel?