[07:28:39]  <KaKaRoTo>  heri, docpaul showtime would work fine
[07:28:58]  <sandungas>  kakaroTo, this means new tcl patches for mfw and some changes to manage 3.73 ?
[07:29:09]  <ddoo>  the man is here,thanks for your "no leaks" policy KaKaRoTo
[07:29:11]  <MARAA>  KaKaRoTo! awesome stuff!
[07:29:12]  <docpaul>  KaKaRoTo: +1! this is all i want… showtime and the ability to play original games
[07:29:17]  <KaKaRoTo>  ddoo, and no I didn't fix the npdrm algo, that's what I'm missing (hence the "kind of") but I'm not working on that, that's someone else's job
[07:29:30]  <ddoo>  nice :D
[07:30:05]  <middleman>  gonna debut it at ccc kakaroto or before?
[07:30:06]  <KaKaRoTo>  ddoo, and even if npdrm signing worked.. how do you install your pkg on an OFW 3.73 ? :p
[07:30:18]  <docpaul>  KaKaRoTo: any sense what the method of the tb dongle obfuscation is?
[07:30:22]  <heri>  so KaKaRoTo, once the NPDRM algo is fixed, a release will come?
[07:30:28]  <ddoo>  i have an old theory KaKaRoTo
[07:30:42]  <ddoo>  use a game update as a trojan horse
[07:30:55]  <ddoo>  install it from 3.55
[07:31:01]  <ddoo>  upgrade,then run it
[07:31:14]  <KaKaRoTo>  heri, another missing bit, but once that's fixed, yes
[07:31:18]  <ddoo>  using the original gamedisk
[07:31:23]  <KaKaRoTo>  but I'll probably be off country for the next 2 weeks
[07:31:30]  <KaKaRoTo>  so all work will have to be paused :p
[07:31:52]  <heri>  oh, fair enough. we can all wait 2 weeks hey :P we have waited months anyways :)
[07:32:06]  <KaKaRoTo>  ddoo, that might work.. you could also just install your pkg on 3.55 then upgrade...
[07:32:20]  <KaKaRoTo>  ddoo, upgrading doesn't delete any of your packages :p
[07:32:37]  <KaKaRoTo>  ddoo, issue is, you're lost if you didn't do it before upgrading
[07:32:53]  <ddoo>  but they fail because the npdrm algo is spoted by the checks in 3.56+
[07:32:58]  <ddoo>  anyway
[07:33:04]  <ddoo>  you know your work
[07:33:05]  <ddoo>  :D
[07:33:13]  <KaKaRoTo>  heri, also note, I "announced" it because I was excited to see it work as expected
[07:33:22]  <KaKaRoTo>  doesn't mean it's ready for release
[07:33:31]  <KaKaRoTo>  ddoo, exactly
[07:33:36]  <heri>  yeh thats what we were saying just before you came :)
[07:33:38]  <middleman>  thank you for the hard work kakaroto, look forward to trying it out:)
[07:33:43]  <KaKaRoTo>  so you need : 1 - npdrm algo fixed, 2 - a way to install stuff
[07:33:53]  <heri>  you only announce when you are confident it works :)
[07:33:58]  <KaKaRoTo>  1 has been done by someone else (don't know if he'll share it), and 2.. well, I just did it :p
[07:34:37]  <KaKaRoTo>  heri, well, I was testing on 3.60 and it worked, but yes, I did upgrade to 3.73 to test that it still works just to make sure I don't tweet any false hopes
[07:34:46]  <middleman>  but you cant run what you installed until 1 is fixed correct?
[07:34:59]  <KaKaRoTo>  middleman, exactly
[07:36:17]  <middleman>  interesting
[07:36:19]  <docpaul>  nice, thx KaKaRoTo
[07:36:40]  * KaKaRoTo needs to hide now if he wants to get any work done
[07:36:42]  <KaKaRoTo>  ttyl