Beta 1 readiness:

- Documentation and examples need work
- Matthew is working on MVC/module documentation
- Ralph will be updating DI documentation with latest refactorings
- Evan will provide Matthew with more module examples / documentation
- ZF2 component packaging / pyrus channel distribution needs refined. Ralph and Matthew working on that today/tomorrow.
- Evan to remove exception from di factory instantiator today


- Maximum beta release cycle of 6 weeks, with option to push beta releases before week 6 if ready.
- Set up a milestone for refactoring components to the new options RFC. We should coordinate an effort to encourage component maintainers to do their part in refactoring their components.
- Short-term component milestones: cache, locale/translator, log, mail, servers
- Does acl/auth need any work or refactoring? Ralph mentioned going an RBAC route? Matthew wonders if ACL is already pretty much RBAC. (ACL/RBAC goals as possible topic for next meeting?)
- Beta2: cache, log, mail, _possibly_ locale/translator if possible
- Beta3: server, acl, auth, db (?)
- Evan will work with Ralph and Matt Cockayne on possibly having module distribution via pyrus with cli install ready?

Server RFC:

- No objections / negative feedback; couple of questions were quickly answered.
- Marking RFC as accepted and safe to begin work on. Work will likely begin in the weeks following ZendCon if left to Matthew and Evan, though others are welcome to start helping sooner.