[22:28] <BazGee> just got banned on ps3dev for no apparant reason
[22:28] <BazGee> was this a mistake ?
[22:32] <Mathieulh> let me check
[22:33] <BazGee> now banned from ps3devot
[22:33] <BazGee> for mentioning my banning?
[22:33] <BazGee> this is crazy ive contributed to the ps3 scene and never spammed in either channel
[22:35] <BazGee> I asked for ops offering to help it was never intended to come across nasty
[22:35] <Mathieulh> [22:24] -AerialX- Can we just ban BazGee? He PM'd me yesterday saying that he was opped before but "it wasn't done correctly" and wanted me to op him.
[22:36] <Mathieulh> no wonder you got banned
[22:36] <Mathieulh> you were never an op on this channel...
[22:36] <BazGee> which I told him
[22:36] <BazGee> take a look at what I released yesterday and you guys see if it was really worth it banning me
[22:37] <BazGee> I never did anything wrong yeah I PM'ed offering my help
[22:37] <Mathieulh> what is it that you released yesterday ?
[22:38] <BazGee> snes9x I compiled it for 3.55 I was the first one to compile anything just to help other devs out with signing
[22:38] <BazGee> check ps3hax.net
[22:38] <Mathieulh> and btw I released tons of shit and I do not try to get ops in channel 
[22:38] <Mathieulh> ROFL 
[22:38] <Mathieulh> are you serious ? xD 
[22:38] <Mathieulh> you mean you used geohot tool
[22:38] <BazGee> yeah isnt that contributing?
[22:38] <Mathieulh> to sign and package a fucking 3.55 homebrew
[22:38] <BazGee> or would it have been better if I did nothing?
[22:38] <Mathieulh> and you call that contributing
[22:38] <Mathieulh> or releasing ? xD 
[22:39] <Mathieulh> and say like we should praise you or anything ? xD 
[22:39] <BazGee> So I shouldnt have did anything
[22:39] <Mathieulh> Seriously that just made my day...
[22:39] <BazGee> no why are you not listening
[22:39] <BazGee> I never wanted praise I offered my help with being an op in previous channels
[22:39] <BazGee> this is ridicolous that for doing that I get banned and then took the piss out of. its childish
[22:41] <BazGee> [9:26pm] You were kicked from #ps3dev by AerialX (kthxbai)
[22:41] <BazGee> and you think thats a valid reason?
[22:41] <BazGee> very professional
[22:45] <BazGee> Ill leave it at that to be honest as anyone sad enough to paste my chat log into the channel is a very clever human being lol
[22:45] <BazGee> that chat log didnt make me look like the idiot
[22:45] <BazGee> goodbye
[22:48] <BazGee> 22:38] <Mathieulh> and btw I released tons of shit
[22:48] <BazGee> I hold you too that day
[22:48] <BazGee> not one person agrees with you
[22:49] <BazGee> turns out I somehow had ops which you guys have just found out
[22:49] <BazGee> see what I fucking mean but no wont get one apology from you guys will I?
[22:49] <BazGee> post that!
[22:53] <BazGee> have some balls to defend yourself...
[22:54] <Mathieulh> lol I don't even need to defend myself...
[22:55] <Mathieulh> just look for my nick
[22:55] <Mathieulh> and see all the shit I released or took part in 
[22:55] <Mathieulh> since pretty much the psp days
[22:55] <Mathieulh> and it'll take you more than the night to make the whole list
[22:55] <BazGee> I looked
[22:55] <Mathieulh> now if you would excuse me, I have more interesting and contructive stuffs to attend to
[22:56] <BazGee> Oh yeah sorry, make sure when someone releases something you get on twitter quickly to get your opinion in that you already knew how to do that you just didnt want too. lol
[22:56] <Mathieulh> Bagzee
[22:56] <Mathieulh> or whatever 
[22:57] <Mathieulh> unlike you
[22:57] <Mathieulh> I CAN PROVE THINGS 
[22:57] <Mathieulh> and I actually did
[22:57] <BazGee> what did I not prove?
[22:57] <Mathieulh> like how I proved that I had decrypted loaders since AT LEAST last august
[22:57] <BazGee> you just said unlike me you can prove things? please explain what I need to prove?
[22:57] <Mathieulh> lol like how you "had op"
[22:57] <BazGee> i think you totally miss the point here
[22:57] <Mathieulh> or "contribute" xD 
[22:57] <BazGee> well it was proven that I did
[22:57] <BazGee> on both occasions
[22:58] <Mathieulh> err... when ?
[22:58] <Mathieulh> how ?
[22:58] <Mathieulh> and even see for how long'
[22:58] <Mathieulh> I am here daily
[22:58] <BazGee> check your logs :)
[22:58] <Mathieulh> and I have NEVER seen you oped on that chan
[22:58] <Mathieulh> so unless it was while I was sleeping....
[22:59] <Mathieulh> or for like one second cause the guy clicked op instead of voice 
[22:59] <Mathieulh> well I don't see how you got opped
[22:59] <BazGee> your intelligence has just gotten the better of me... bye
[22:59] <Mathieulh> you can't even code
[22:59] <Mathieulh> it's #ps3dev remember?
[22:59] <Mathieulh> people that can't dev, don't get +o there
[22:59] <Mathieulh> check the list if you don't believe it...
[22:59] <BazGee> do you honestly believe I deserved to have an IP ban ?
[23:00] <BazGee> and all the other guys there bothering you to release shit deserve there little + v ?
[23:00] <Mathieulh> you tried to get an op by social engineering
[23:00] <Mathieulh> and you pmed ops without permission
[23:00] <Mathieulh> which pissed them off
[23:00] <Mathieulh> so errr.. yeah 
[23:00] <BazGee> so explain to me I have no +v how would I go about getting +v ?
[23:01] <BazGee> by asking the op if I can PM them which is impossible if I dont ahve +v ?
[23:01] <Mathieulh> and you now you are only in the chan banlist, if you waste my time any more than that I'd be happy to add you to the bots...
[23:01] <Mathieulh> just saying...
[23:01] <BazGee> was that a threat?
[23:01] <Mathieulh> cause I actually was reversing something before that talk
[23:01] <Mathieulh> BazGee it's what is to come
[23:01] <Mathieulh> take it as you'd like
[23:01] <BazGee> Im making sure people see this chat log you were clever enough to post it ill do the same so people know exactly what you are like
[23:01] <Mathieulh> please do ! 
[23:02] <BazGee> <Mathieulh> cause I actually was reversing something before that talk
[23:02] <Mathieulh> make sure everyone sees how stupid you are xD 
[23:02] <Mathieulh> yeah I was
[23:02] <BazGee> that little phrase there wont make people hate me matey
[23:02] <Mathieulh> that means you interupted whatever I was doing
[23:02] <BazGee> I can tell you what you were doing
[23:02] <Mathieulh> which at the time happened to be reversing something
[23:02] <Mathieulh> yeah right...
[23:03] <Mathieulh> I think I'll /ignore you and add you to the bots 
[23:03] <BazGee> you were actually playing a defuse the bomb game in ps3dev
[23:03] <Mathieulh> nah that was a bit before
[23:03] <BazGee> reverse engineering? lies
[23:03] <BazGee> people can check the logs
[23:03] <Mathieulh> and that doesn't take 30 mins + of my time
[23:03] <BazGee> yarn
[23:03] <Mathieulh> and I can actually do !bomb then look at ida on my other monitor 
[23:03] <BazGee> bye
[23:04] <Mathieulh> but yeah let's end that stupid convo kthx
[23:04] <BazGee> unban me it wouldnt have happened
[23:04] <Mathieulh> like that's actually gonna happen now...
[23:05] <BazGee> like I care